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3D Academy Launches 3D CAD Courses For Students and Teachers

The launch of 3D Academy, a subsidiary company of 3D Innovations, LLC, provides unique 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design) training programs and curriculum for students in middle school, high school and college-level courses as well as teachers.

3D Academy designs pre-engineering coursework, provides workshops and gives classroom instruction that integrates and enhances 3D CAD with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum in Hawaii schools as well as providing essential hands-on skills in robotics. 3D CAD is an engineering design tool that has become an essential skill required in engineering, architecture, invention, technology and many other careers.

“Students get hands-on experience in the course by learning 3D modeling, engineering design and drafting skills,” said Collin Kobayashi, 3D Academy and 3D Innovations president. “I meet with individual school instructors to really integrate 3D CAD into the lesson plans already in place.”

3D Academy provided training workshops at the 2011 Hawaii STEM Conference held on Maui on April 1. Kobayashi conducted a student workshop on how 3D CAD is used in engineering, design, 3D Printing/Rapid Prototyping and manufacturing.

Teachers can also receive Professional Development (PD) credits by completing 3D CAD training from 3D Academy. Online courses for both teachers and students are also available.

3D Academy is part of 3D Innovations, LLC, specializing in Engineering Design/Drafting, Product Design, 3D Modeling and 3D Printing/Rapid Prototyping services.


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