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Milan Marketplace Provides Businesses an Inexpensive Way to Attract Nearby Shoppers

New Mobile Phone Location-Based Technology Targets Consumers Nearby with Coupons, Specials, and Promotions from Participating Merchants

Milan Market PlaceHawaii-based Talisman LBS, the world’s first intelligent mobile marketing platform, has introduced a new advertising network called Milan Marketplace, which provides local businesses an inexpensive way to attract shoppers in nearby areas through the use of location-based technology in mobile phones. Milan, which stands for “mobile interactive location-based ad network”, serves as a cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising for local businesses.

“We designed Milan to raise the standard of local advertising. Milan brings buyers and sellers together based on their relative location to each other at any given time,” said Talisman LBS President and CEO Kyle Tanouye. “Milan Marketplace empowers businesses with the ability to reach out to consumers in nearby areas who are most likely and able to respond to a promotion, without breaking their banks. No other advertising network provides a local business with better targeted reach and marketing analytics for evaluating effectiveness of marketing initiatives.”

Milan targets consumers by embedding itself into a growing number of top-brand mobile application partners such as Hawaii Magazine, which reaches over 200,000 mainland and local residents each year. “We are very excited to be a part of the Milan Marketplace network”, said Hawaii Magazine Publisher Jayson Harper”. “Our readers love Hawaii and are looking for easy access to the best activities and places to shop and dine. Milan brings that to our readers when they need it most.”

“We placed an ad for our Dinner Combo Special and immediately received results and generated traffic into our establishment,” said Honolulu Burger Company Owner Ken Takahashi. “We recently opened our new restaurant with a very small marketing budget and Milan Marketplace helped us attract more customers. Milan also helps us run promotions that are sustainable to our business by customizing offers that can be changed instantly based on our restaurants sales goals and inventory for the week.”

Here’s how it works. Merchants visit www.MilanMarketplace.com to register their business and any promotions or offers they would like advertised. Milan Marketplace automatically posts businesses and their promotions to a growing number of mobile applications in the Milan Marketplace. Merchants pay a minimal one-time setup fee to list their business and only pay when consumers respond to their promotions. In addition, Milan Marketplace provides all account analytical data such as number of impressions, number of clicks, and amount of advertising revenue spent, at a location specific level, all very valuable information for retailers.

Milan Marketplace also allows consumers to share deals and promotions they find with their friends via Facebook and Twitter, which increase visibility for participating merchants.

“When customers are in the vicinity of your store or restaurant, it’s crucial to quickly lure them in with your best promotions and provide them with directions to easily find you so they can buy your products or services,” Tanouye said. “The majority of people today use their phones for everything, so it’s an incredible and untapped marketing tool that is very effective.

Founded in 2007, Talisman LBS (location-based services) is the world’s first intelligent mobile marketing platform. Talisman technology integrates all mobile advertising and subscriber services to empower brands to reach customers instantly around the world. Talisman enables marketers, advertisers, and organizations to deliver valuable information to people where and when they need it most, from retail discount offers to entertainment and emergency notices. For more information, visit www.talismanlbs.com.


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