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For the First Time Since 2000 Hawaiian Host Seeks a New Candidate That Best Exemplifies the Spirit of its Company

Hawaiian Host Announces Search for “The Great Hawaiian Host-ess”

Hawaiian Host, Inc., manufacturer of Hawaiian Host Chocolates, announced today it is launching “The Great Hawaiian Host-ess” campaign to find an individual whose looks and personality best exemplifies the gracious spirit of the company. The campaign will utilize Facebook to find the Host-ess by allowing people to upload their photo for consideration.

“We have long been recognized for being the originators of the chocolate macadamias and classic postcard style box,” said Hawaiian Host CEO and President Keith Sakamoto. “Now we are planning to update some of the look and feel of our products and will be utilizing this campaign as a catalyst for the change.”

Sakamoto was promoted to CEO at the end of 2011 and serves as CEO and President. “Since the beginning, our founders have worked to create a high-quality product that everyone can enjoy. It’s become an icon throughout the years and travelled around the globe sharing a little bit of Hawaii with the world,” said Sakamoto. “In an increasingly global marketplace, we are taking a look at everything we do and are working on strategies to keep us positioned for continued success.”

“With the launch of the Host-ess search, a new era in the Hawaiian Host history will begin,” said Director of Marketing Rosalie Romo Char. “We want people to see that while we’re proud of our past, we are focused on the future. We hope that many who want to become the next Hawaiian Host-ess will submit their photos online for the opportunity to become part of Hawaiian Host’s history.”

Entries are being accepted now through October 31. To enter, individuals must go to the Hawaiian Host website OR Hawaiian Host, Inc. Facebook page and click on the Great Hawaiian Host-ess Search link then follow the steps to upload their photo.

Ten finalists will be notified in November and then undergo a final interview with a panel of judges. One winner will be selected to receive a monetary gift and a year’s worth of Hawaiian Host Chocolate (one case per month for 12 months). The winner will also receive an opportunity to be featured in one advertising material that Hawaiian Host produces. For more complete information about entries, rules and prizes, please visit www.hawaiianhost.com or www.facebook.com/HawaiianHostInc.



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