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Hawaii Book is #1 at Amazon.com’s Kindle Store for Money Management

Alan Akina’s “the super duper simple book on money” Explains Five Principles Every Family Needs to Know

Alan Akina’s new book, launched May 1, is the top rated eBook at Amazon.com’s Kindle Store for Money Management, and is also rated number three on Amazon.com’s book list for Budgeting and Money Management.

The book, the super duper simple book on money by Alan Akina, is available now as a free eBook until May 14 and as a traditional softcover printed book.

It is easy to read and understand with some cool new ideas:

- It has links online to YouTube videos of people he uses as examples and some of the charts in the text
- It has QR codes for those readers who buy the soft cover book letting them see those same links on their smartphones. That’s neat.

The book is designed for average families that can’t seem to keep from falling farther behind and don’t see how they will ever own their home or pay down their debts. Alan Akina uses language everyone can understand and explains the five money principles everyone needs to know.

“The five super duper simple money principles should be taught to every High School senior in America… and their parents,” writes Ken Krebs, CEO, CRI Steel.

About the Author

Alan Akina was born and lives in Kahuku. He went to BYU Hawaii and this book is interwoven into his early years. His mom and dad divorced when he was six and Alan and his brother were then shuffled from house to house among extended family. From those early, often painful, experiences he writes about how he went about learning the basic financial principles and then how he applied them to his own life.

He is very passionate about financial education and volunteers regularly to teach classes about basic money principles at high schools and Brigham Young University Hawaii.

Eight years ago, Alan formed his own financial education company, 101 Financial, and it has thrived. Alan conducts free financial education classes every month on Kauai, Hawaii Island and Maui as well as Oahu.  There are now thousands of families across Hawaii and the mainland successfully using Alan’s personalized financial planning tools.

101 Financial made the national Inc. magazine 500 Fastest-Growing List of companies in 2009. The company is a Better Business Bureau of Hawaii Torch Award winner for business ethics in 2008 and a Pacific Business News Fastest 50 award winner in Hawaii in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

This is the first book by Alan Akina and he wrote it in a way Hawaii families will understand and it provides them a way to unravel their financial knots.

The book is available free until May 14, 2012 as an online download at several web addresses including www.superdupersimplebooks.com, www.101financial.com and on Twitter at @AlanAkina101 and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/alanakina. It is also available in a softback printed edition.


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