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Kahuku Village Association Elects Board of Directors

Kahuku Village Association members selected a new five-member Board of Directors at its annual meeting on Saturday, August 20, 2011. The Kahuku Village Association is a not-for-profit association of the 104 tenant families who either own or rent homes on former Kahuku Sugar Mill lands.

The Board gained one new director, Ben Baligad, one director who has been re-elected, Leslie Llanos for a two year term and three directors with terms that expire in 2012. All board members serve on a voluntary basis.

There were no opposition candidates for either of the two open seats on the board.

The board officers are Noreen Cristobal, President; Jimmy Leonardi, 1st Vice President; Ben Baligad, 2nd Vice President; Leslie Llanos, Secretary; and, Jim Camit, Treasurer.

The Kahuku Village Association continues to work on behalf of the 71 tenants of Kahuku Village in their efforts to buy their homes and comply with new requirements by the landowner Continental Pacific, LLC.  Continental Pacific terminated the master lease of the Kahuku Village Association on August 1, 2011 and installed a new property management company for the property. The tenants have all been given a month-to-month leases.

“These tenants face difficult decisions and choices in the months ahead and Kahuku Village Association will do everything it can on their behalf, just as we have for other sugar mill families in Kahuku,” said Board President Noreen Cristobal.



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